Primary Five August 2022

Block 1

Diversity Show

During block 1, primary 5 learnt about diversity. We loved sharing our cultures, languages and experiences that make us diverse. We finished the topic with a brilliant show which covered all of our learning.

British Sign Language

Primary 5 have been learning British Sign Language – a very important skill to have. Children have been leading the learning and helping each other to communicate in sign.

Show Racism the Red Card

Primary 5 were learning about the discrimination black people face and achievements made by amazing black people. We went on a walk to emphasise that we are showing racism the red card, and any racism is not tolerated.

Block 2

Reading Buddies

Primary 5 were working in collaboration with primary 1 to help reading attainment. The children built relationships with their buddies initially through play. Then they were able to choose books together to support reading ability and enjoyment.


During block 2, primary 5 had the opportunity to learn and practice playing ukuleles. We learnt songs and even had the experience of being conductors!


Primary 5 went on a trip to the Whitehouse with IntoUniversity. We learnt about where we could go to university and what we could study.

We went to the high school where we tried different sports and met new friends!

Christmas Lunch!

Learning how to run a business.

Some of our numeracy learning throughout the year.