Year of Young People Programme

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Pleasesee below the first issue of the Year of Young People programme, co-ordinated by colleagues in Lifelong Learning. The intention is to update and send out a further issue every 2 months. Please feel free to share this programme as widely as possible and especially with young people.

Lifelong Learning would like to include as much as possible in each issue so would encourage schools to send in local plans and events etc, so please send in any plannned events to our Admin Team and we will happily pass on to the team.  Even if the event is only for a particular group, school, age group, geographic area etc. they are keen to ensure that the information is available and shared.

Year of Young People programme – First Issue

Benmore Family Bingo!

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Good luck everyone. Eyes down…

All About Apostrophes 

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P3a were learning about possessive apostrophes this morning. We went outside and used some chalk to correct our sentences.

Miss White and Miss Palmer were impressed with P3’s super team work and learning, well done!

Recycling and Litter pick!

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This week Primary 2 learned about recycling. We sorted out different materials and decided if it could be recycled or not. We learned about what happens when we put rubbish in the bin.

We also went on a litter pick around the playground. We made our playground look much cleaner! IMG_0242IMG_0243IMG_0246IMG_0250IMG_0251IMG_0252IMG_0256IMG_0257

Make a Difference – Building Resilience 

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Our current Building Resilience Unit is called ‘Make a Difference’. The main focus of this unit is on the importance of contributing in big and small ways to make a difference to individuals, our community and our world. This deliberate attempt to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return, has a very positive impact on our self-esteem.

Ms Lindsey Watt.. This Is Your Castleview Life Of Joy

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A spectacular show was put on last night at Castleview. We celebrated Ms Watt’s wonderful career as she starts her retirement. Thank you to all who supported the show and to the teachers, who made it possible.