P7 Zoo trip

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What a fab day learning about the biodiversity of Africa and looking at and even touching some animals in the zoo!

P7 – The Rain Won’t Stop Us Going To The Zoo!

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We are looking forward to our trip today. The rain won’t stop us! 

RRSA Steering Group 

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This afternoon our RRS steering group worked very hard together to begin creating their plans for their new project – Disability Access Day (10th March). 

Cross Country Success

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Well done to these speedy P7 girls- a gold, silver and bronze medal. Superstars! 


P5B Learning About Time Intervals

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We are working out time intervals using clocks. Our friend has set us a challenge to work out. 

Examples to try at home:

If a TV show starts at 2.30pm and lasts for one and a half hours, when will it finish?

I finish my run at 8pm. I have been running for 45mins. When did I start running?

Can you make up your own questions…? Ask someone to test you!   🙂