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Handy Handwashing Tips

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Top Tips to Remember!

  1. Sing the Happy Birthday song when washing your hands.
  2. Always use soap!
  3. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Sneeze into your elbow NOT into the open air.
  5. Cough and sneeze into a tissue whenever possible.
  6. Encourage everyone you know to wash their hands.

Follow link below for NHS ‘How to wash your hands’ video.


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Primary Seven children continue to enjoy Academies, as part of their transition experience to high school. Castlebrae Community High School hosts Primary Seven students from all cluster primaries, and children are given the choice of Art, CDT (Craft, Design and Technology), Dance, Football, History, Hospitality, Music, and Science.

Our children chose two academies, and started their second academy choice after Christmas. Here are some photos of Castleview children enjoying Art and Hospitality.

Latest P7 News

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March 2020

World War II Topic

Primary 7 are studying World War II, and have been busy preparing solo or group presentations on an aspect of the war. We have looked at how the war started, and what life was like during the war, including how the roles of men and women changed, how rationing affected our diet and habits, the Blitz (both London and Clydebank) and the evacuation of children from the cities, as well as key battles. We also tackled the difficult subject of the Holocaust, and how the anti-Jewish laws would have impacted on the lives of Jewish people in Germany and the occupied countries of Europe.

Here are some photos of Primary 7a doing their solo presentations. They were surprised at how much information needed to go into a 2 minute presentation, and they learned that rehearsal is a wonderful way to improve your delivery!


Primary 7a have been having fun learning about idioms. We used our existing knowledge of common idioms, as well as the iPads, to investigate idioms and what they meant. We then chose an animal idiom that we liked, and created a plasticine model that represented the idiom and wrote a sentence that used the idiom in context.


Here are some of our models. See if you can guess the idiom!