Make a Difference – Building Resilience 

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Our current Building Resilience Unit is called ‘Make a Difference’. The main focus of this unit is on the importance of contributing in big and small ways to make a difference to individuals, our community and our world. This deliberate attempt to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return, has a very positive impact on our self-esteem.

Building Resilience – Take a Moment 

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This term we have been helping our children develop the emotional literacy skills they require to manage everyday life. We all experience a range of emotions everyday but being aware and learning how to manage these is one of the key skills of resilience and important for our health and wellbeing. We have been learning about the wellbeing indicators, SHANARRI, and how the way we feel impacts our wellbeing. 

Resilience – Keep Connected 

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This term we have launched our next unit of our new Health and Wellbeing Resilience programme. This unit is called Keep Connected. The main focus of this unit is the importance of relationships and the contribution other people make to our wellbeing. In general, people with caring and positive relationships are happier, healthier and live longer. Having caring and positive relationships is one of the most important factors of our ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. During this unit the children will be thinking about people who are special to them. The children will also be encouraged to take part in an extra-curricular activity. This term we have a variety of clubs on offer. Please check the website for details. There will be parent/carer information leaflets sent out shortly. Children will have short homework tasks to complete too.