All Teach All Learn

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Dear Parents & Carers,

YOU are invited to our upcoming Healthy Snacks, Healthy Living All Teach All Learn on Wednesday 26th September at 2pm.

All parents & carers who attend will be entered into a prize draw.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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RRSA Steering Group 

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This afternoon our RRS steering group worked very hard together to begin creating their plans for their new project – Disability Access Day (10th March). 

Amazing Attenders!

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I am delighted to announce that we awarded 95 certificates this morning for 100% attendance this term! Well done to these children and their parents/carers for their commitment to supporting their education! Even more impressive is that 55 of the pupils were given a ‘Phenomenal Attendance’ certificate as they have not missed a single day this session from August – December. All pupils will be given the opportunity to earn a certificate every term! Merry Christmas, Mrs Cook.

Article 28: You have the right to an education

Article 29: You have the right to be the best you can be!

We have the Right to relax and play!

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P7 enjoying their Right to relax and play during Golden Time. The class have been working very hard to make sure they don’t lose any Golden Time and there have been very few red cards. Keep this up P7!

Day for Change Fundraising Update

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Well done to everyone who helped us raise ¬£82.60 for UNICEF’s Day for Change! We raised enough to vaccinate 500 children against Polio and buy emergency water kits for 2 families. Thank you for reading our message, by Jason and Rielly the P2 Rights Reps.

Here is a photo of thr Rights Respecting Group with the cheque ready to send off.