Get Active – Building Resilience 

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Looking after the body and mind is important for our health. Taking part in regular excercise, or being active in other ways, brings many benefits to our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing. 

Through this unit, the children will learn that in order to help us feel resilient we need to live a well-balanced and healthy life. When we feel ‘down’, being active is sometimes the last thing on our mind. However when we adapt an active lifestyle, fuel our body with proper nutrition and respect our bodies by allowing time to rest and relax, it can lead to a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.  

Family information will be sent out shortly. 

Health and Wellbeing Afternoon 

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We are looking forward to welcoming our Parents and Carers this afternoon for our Health and Wellbeing  ‘All Teach All Learn’! 

Building Resilience – Talk Things Over 

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This term we will be launching our next unit of our Health and Wellbeing Resilience programme. This unit is called Talk Things Over. Life can be full of ups and downs. Feeling worried is a normal reaction when faced with a challenge or a setback. When we worry, things go round and round in our head. If these feelings are not dealt with, they can sometimes get out of control. However the good news is, that eventually these feelings will pass. Through this unit, children will learn how worries affect our wellbeing and what we can do to deal with them to stop them escalating. We will be focussing on the following three key messages throughout this unit:• At times we all feel worried

• If worries are not dealt with, they can sometimes get out of control

• If you are struggling, it is important to ask for help

Please look out for parent/carer information leaflets as they will be sent out shortly. P2-P7 pupils will have short tasks to complete with their family too.

Building Resilience – Take a Moment 

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This term we have been helping our children develop the emotional literacy skills they require to manage everyday life. We all experience a range of emotions everyday but being aware and learning how to manage these is one of the key skills of resilience and important for our health and wellbeing. We have been learning about the wellbeing indicators, SHANARRI, and how the way we feel impacts our wellbeing. 

Resilience – Growth Mindset 

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We have launched our final Resilience unit for this school session, Challenge Your Mindset. People who believe that we are born artists, athletes or scientists have a fixed mindset about themselves and others. They believe that learning potential and ability are fixed and can be measured. People with a growth mindset believe that effort, not just ability, leads to success. In this unit, we will learn that:

– Who we are and what we are good at, is not fixed. 

– The way we think, feel or learn, shapes our brain. 

– We can change through the choices we make. 

Challenge Your mindset will support and compliment our current Growth Mindset work.