Primary 2 at the Police Station!

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Primary 2 had such an amazing time at the Police Station – we had a tour of the Station, tried on Police uniforms and even had a go in the Police Van!

We found Scooby Doo locked in the cells – we had worked out he was guilty after our task this morning. We also locked Miss Florence in the Police van!!!

Thank you to the staff at Craigmillar Police Station for having us!

P2 Citizenship Week With PC Lilly

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We had a brilliant time with PC Lilly – she spoke to us about people who help us and reminded us what to do in any situations where we may need help.

Afterwards, we had to solve a crime! Someone had stolen some sweeties! We had to check finger prints, match handwriting and foot prints and test tyre patterns. In the end we figured out Scooby Doo was responsible!!

Thanks to PC Lilly and Park Ranger Julie for organising and helping us today – we loved it!