Making messy sensory cloud dough!

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Yesterday some Primary 2’s had a bit of a messy time making cloud dough that smells of mint for our sensory tray. The class have also deicded to add numbers and Numicon shapes to the sensory tray. IMG_1636IMG_1639IMG_1642IMG_1643

Money Money Money in P1a!

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P1a have been very busy learning about money.  They have enjoyed lots of practical tasks in groups and pairs to practise identify, sorting and ordering coins, as well as counting out coins and using a range of coins to pay for things.  They have had a great time playing in the toy shop, giving them an exciting context in which to develop their money skills.

Money Madness in P4B!

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This term, Primary 4 have been learning about money in maths.

We had fun pretending to be shopkeepers and counting change for our customers!

Some of us tried a bit of problem solving using our number skills!

There are also lots of super games on the internet to help us develop our understanding of money! We really enjoyed this station! 🙂


Counting Dinosaurs!

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Primary 2 have been putting spikes on Dinosaurs backs. These spikes have numbers up to 20 that we have been ordering. Look at our cool counting dinosaurs!

IMG_3626 IMG_3627 IMG_3629 IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3634 IMG_3635 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3641

P2 Outdoor Maths

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Primary 2 went outside to do our maths. We are learning about measure. We started by measuring using hands and feet and then went on to use meter sticks and trundle wheels!