Eco week

P2 Eco Week

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Primary 2 made our own ‘Eatwell Plates’ to show yummy balanced diets using art and craft materials.

P2 Eco Workshop

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We had great fun sorting rubbish into the different recycling boxes and bins! We then made Zero Waste Goggles to look for people recycling properly!

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ECO Week: P2 Bug Detectives

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During ECO week P2 became bug detectives and went round the ECO garden uncovering all types of creepy crawlies! We thought about what type of environment bugs like to live in and made them litte ‘bug palaces’ with things we could find in the garden.

P3 Scavenger Hunt!

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eco scavenger hunt looking for a spider! scavenger hunt

Primary 3 loved going on a “Scavenger Hunt” in our Eco Garden. We looked for long and short objects, smooth and rough objects, quiet and loud objects, jaggy objects and even living objects!! We were very keen to find a spider who was hiding amongst the wood!