School Staff

Headteacher Clare Langley

Deputy Head Teacher Jenny Burnett

Senior Development Officer Jenna Florence

Principal Teacher Emma Barrie

Development Officer Scarlett Palmer

Business Manager Karen Meikle

Nursery Teacher Eve Gibson


Primary 1 Hannah Hood, Heather Chevasse

Primary 2A  Hannah Bootland

Primary 2B Katie White


Primary 3A  Katie Maxwell

Primary 3B  Nichola Smith

Primary 4A  Emma McGrory

Primary 4B Carrie Morrison


Primary 5A Fiona Armstrong

Primary 5B  Jessica Chapman


Primary 6A Ruth Pearson


Primary 6B Peter Doyle


Primary 7A Rob Stamenkovic

Primary 7B Kate Carter

Additional Support for Learning Teacher Vicky Jeffrey

PE Specialist Susan Martin

Senior Early Years Officer Katie Smith

Early Years Officer Tulio Filogonio


Early Years Practitioners  Natalie Wood, Donna Arnot, Christine Allan, Kirsty Chiffers, Marilyn Jack, Louie Milliken, Fiona- Jayne Taylor,

Pupil Support Assistants Christine McDowall, Shirley McNab, Linda Bruce, Fiona Kynoch, Anna Stolykiewicz, Hannah Clayton

Pupil Support Officers Lia Buckley, Anne Seath, Diane Cameron, Lejla Kilic, Helen Anderson


School Administrator Nikki Lovell

School Support Assistant  Clerical Isabella Fraser


Service Support Officer ( Amey) Derek Holden


School Nurse Elaine Hogg


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