Primary Two 2020

It has been a busy first couple of terms in Primary 2. Here is a small update in what we have been doing over the last 2 terms.

In Literacy we have been recapping our sounds and blending them together. We have learnt the sound sh, ch,th, wh and qu. We are able to identify these sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words. We then moved onto looking at initial blends. These have included, l blends such as bl, cl, fl etc and r blends such as br, cr, dr and tr. Just before the Christmas holidays we looked at the two sounds, ai and ay. These both make the same sound but occur in different places. We can sort these out. To support our learning we use word building, decoding, games and dictation. Every morning in Primary 2 we also practice our reading. We use all our knowledge of blending to help us decode the words and are beginning to add fluency and expression.

In writing we have been focusing on ‘who, where, when and what’ to create stories. We plan our work, draw a picture and then write our story with increasing independence. Each week we celebrate our two stars and have a wish or target for writing the next week!

Star Writers for the week.

In numeracy we have been looking at place value and doubles. We have been using multiple resources to support our understanding of these topics, we have been specifically using numicon and dienes (tens and units). In maths we have focused on measure and fractions. We have been understanding centimetres and starting to measure at 0, we also have been learning about what tool is best to measure with .

For our first topic we looked at Transport we were all able to identify transport, the correct method of transport to get somewhere, we created our own transport and looked at sustainability. We finished by looking at road safety.

Transport through time.
Clay boats

Our newest topic has been the topic of Festivals: We looked at Diwali and created Diya lamps; we celebrated Dia de los muertos and created masks; we also learned about Hanukkah and The Nativity story. We have really enjoyed this topic and enjoyed learning about different cultures from all around the world. We also did a mini topic for Black History Month and had amazing week for Book Week!

In Primary 2 we love being outdoors and try to get out as much as possible. We go outside for literacy and numeracy and sometimes we go outdoors to explore. We are all working hard on knowing about outdoor safety and how to manage risk.