Primary Seven August 2021

Our work at the start of the year focused on preparing for the Junior Tour Guides. Please go to the Junior Tour Guides tab on the website to see the films of our hard work.

We have also worked hard learning about World War II, looking at how the war started, the evacuation of the children to the countryside, rationing, the Blitz, battles that took place, the Holocaust and the end of the war. We have imagined ourselves at war and written diary entries and letters home. We have used pastel chalks to recreate a silhouette of a bombed cityscape. We have also watched two films, ‘The Windermere Children’ and ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, using our reading comprehension skills to evaluate what we have learned.

As we move into February, we are beginning our preparations for Benmore in March, choosing who we are sharing our dorms with, thinking about what we hope to get from the experience, and setting ourselves targets to achieve. Our maths work has involved finding Benmore on a map using coordinates, and calculating the distance travelled and time the journey will take. We have also used our understanding of money to calculate the cost of the journey for the adults and children going on the trip.

The Parents Information Evening for Benmore was held in early February, and for those who missed it, a recording is available on the Benmore page. If parents or carers have any questions about Benmore after watching the film, they can get in touch with Mrs Pearson by email or through the school office.