Primary One Aug 2020

Term One


In literacy this term, the pupils in Primary One have been working hard to develop their reading, writing, talking and listening skills.

We have developed our understanding of rhyme through stories, poems, nursery rhymes and games. Through exploring rhyme, children begin to understand the rhythms and patterns of language which is fundamental to their literacy development.

We have been learning to identify the sounds a, t, p and n this term. We have practised thinking of words that begin with these sounds as well as learning how to write them with correct letter formation.

We enjoy listening to different stories every day and sharing what we have learnt from them. We have been encouraged to retell familiar stories in many different ways – verbally, acting, drawing, as well as through play. We have also had opportunities to create our own stories and have developed a love for doing so through the use of ‘helicopter stories’.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In numeracy this term we focused on counting forwards and backwards and identifying numbers. We have been explored various resources to support us with our numeracy development, specifically numicon.

In maths we explored 2D shapes.  We focused on sorting and identifying 2D shapes, discussing the properties of 2D shapes, drawing 2D shapes and creating patterns using shapes. 
We also explored the topic of measure.  We focused on using the language of measure e.g. bigger, smaller, taller, longer – we explored this throughout our play as well as within specific maths inputs and tasks.  We explored various units of measure including cubes, rulers and tape measures.

Health and Wellbeing

This term, Primary One pupils have been learning how to develop their motor and social skills. We have developed our knowledge of how to move safely in large and small spaces through indoor and outdoor play. By playing games and engaging in roleplay, children develop their fine and gross motor skills. They also learn how to share space and take turns. We use the Nurture Principles to help make our classrooms safe and welcoming to all learners.


We learn through play in Primary One. 

We have lots of areas in our classroom that we like to play in and discover.  This includes (but is not limited to!) our Home Corner, Story Corner, Construction Area, Small World Play, Mark Making, Arts and Crafts Area, Sand and Water Play, Malleable Play, Block Play, Outdoor Play, Nature Play and Table Top Play such as jigsaws. During our first term we spent time exploring and discovering these areas of our new classrooms, deciding which areas we like best and exploring our areas of interest.

In Term one there were lots of exciting areas of interest that we explored.  We loved learning about Volcanoes, Tornados and other natural disasters!  We wondered whether our roars could move the clouds!