Primary Five Aug 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Have a look at some of our most memorable P5A moments in 2020. Looking forward to lots more fun to come in 2021!

Christmas in P5A!

Our Topic – Highland Clearances

We learned about what life was like in the Highlands around 200 years ago.

Each group created their own Highland family (clan) and made homes for our Highland village.
We found out about the kind of jobs people did and introduced our Highland families to the rest of the class.
Each clan received a letter from the Laird warning them that they had a week to leave their homes as he wanted to use the land for sheep farming.
After a week the homes were set alight and the families were forced to leave.
We found out about emigration, and did some research on some of the countries Highlanders emigrated to. We learned about the journeys they made and we created models and pictures of sailing ships.

Christmas in P5B

Making calendars
Designing stained glass windows
Creating beautiful decorations
Having fun at our Christmas party!