Year of Young People Programme

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Pleasesee below the first issue of the Year of Young People programme, co-ordinated by colleagues in Lifelong Learning. The intention is to update and send out a further issue every 2 months. Please feel free to share this programme as widely as possible and especially with young people.

Lifelong Learning would like to include as much as possible in each issue so would encourage schools to send in local plans and events etc, so please send in any plannned events to our Admin Team and we will happily pass on to the team.  Even if the event is only for a particular group, school, age group, geographic area etc. they are keen to ensure that the information is available and shared.

Year of Young People programme – First Issue

Active Maths

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We used numicon shapes and games to help us practice building numbers and our 2x table in P3 today 👍🏻

P2 had a great time learning how to write a computer program!!

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We worked with a partner to build a Lego robot and then we used a computer to write a short computer program. This made the robot move and cheer, it was very exciting. IMG_2900IMG_2901IMG_2908IMG_2911IMG_2912IMG_2913IMG_2918IMG_2922

P5 Picassos at Work in Art

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We had fun making our own Picasso pictures.


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This week, P3a have been learning about symmetry. So we went outside to find some symmetry in the playground. We even tried to make our own symmetrical patterns 😃