Headteacher  Clare Langley

Depute Headteacher Colette Bonnar

Principal Teacher Mhairi MacDonald

Business Manager Karen Meikle

Nursery Teacher Emma Barrie

Early Years Practitioner Tulio Filogonio

Early Years Practitioner Natalie Wood


Primary 1a Jenny Burnett & Eve GibsonIMG_7893

Primary 1b Rachel Faichney & Lauren NewallIMG_7904

Primary 2a Nicky Roy & Katie ScannellIMG_7897

Primary 2b  Lisa PollockIMG_7895

Primary 3 Carrie MorrisonIMG_7899

Primary 3/4 Nichola MorrisIMG_7900

Primary 4 Kim Karam & Mrs Dutton IMG_7901

Primary 5A Jessica ChapmanIMG_7902

Primary 5B Ellen McGheeIMG_7903

Primary 6 Jenna FlorenceIMG_7906

Primary 7 Scarlett PalmerIMG_7908

Additional Support for Learning Teacher Vicky Jeffrey

PE Specialist/Class Cover Susan MartinIMG_7909


Pupil Support Assistant Christine McDowall

Pupil Support Assistant Shirley McNab

Pupil Support Assistant Linda Bruce

Pupil Support Assistant Fiona Kynoch

Pupil Support Assistant Lia Buckley

Pupil Support Assistant – Clerical Isabella Fraser

School Administrator Janice MacGrath

Service Support Officer ( Amey) Kirsty Curran

Kitchen Supervisor (Amey) Joanne Pratt

School Nurse Julie O’ Hanlon

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