Nurture Group Visit to Pizza Express! 

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Our Upper School Nurture group had a successful morning at Pizza Express, Fort Kinnaird. We were learning about good food, tasting fresh ingredients, and even got to make authentic, Italian pizza! It was a tasty trip for all! 

Make a Difference – Building Resilience 

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Our current Building Resilience Unit is called ‘Make a Difference’. The main focus of this unit is on the importance of contributing in big and small ways to make a difference to individuals, our community and our world. This deliberate attempt to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return, has a very positive impact on our self-esteem.

Primary 4 Halloween Disco

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Primary 4 had great fun at the Castleview Parent Council Halloween Disco. They enjoyed dunking for apples, pinning the wart on the witches nose, fishing for ducks and eating heathy spooky snacks. They had brilliant dance moves and enjoyed participating in disco games.


Primary 4 Built a Roman Road

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Primary 4 had great fun learning about how the Romans built their roads. After they learnt about the different layers and the materials that were used, it was time to build their own Roman Roads.

The children used various healthy foods to construct their road. They used grapes as the large rocks of the foundations, muesli as the small stones and pebbles used to fill in the gaps. Natural yoghurt and raisins as the concrete with broken stones and tiles then finally sliced apple as the cobble stones on top.

“This is Roman Triffle!” Nikolaos

“It smells delicious!” Jude

“It smells Romanlicious!” Aaron

“It tastes like weetabix mixed with grapes” Maddi

“It tastes like paradise!” Adan

“We learned how to make great food.” Kebba

“We learnt how to have a healthy diet and in a fun way how to build a Roman road.” Nikolaos

“We made the layers of food to see how the Romans built the roads.” Ali



P4 Fashion Show

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In Primary 4 we have the chance to create a t-shirt for our fashion show. We were very excited for the fashion show and couldn’t wait to start our designs.

The first thing we had to do was to plan our t-shirt designs on paper. We used lots of different materials and artistic skills to create our beautiful design.



It wasn’t long before we had to start practising our songs.

“My favourite song was ‘Lets go fly a kite’. It was my favourite song because I like kites.” Ethan

“My favourite song was ‘Touch the Sky’ because it made me happy and cheerful.” Amber

“My favourite song was ‘Food glorious food’ because it was always stuck in my head.” Alex

We were very excited to dye our t-shirts, we all wrote instructions to teach other people how to do it. We worked in groups to dye our t-shirt in green, red, purple, yellow and blue.

“Dying t-shirts was really good because it was mysterious waiting to see what they were going to look like.” Nikolaos

Eventually it was time to start learning our lines.

“I was very curious  about what my lines were going to be.” Ocean 

“I was feeling very proud about saying my lines.” David

Ms Joan came in to teach us how to crochet and sew using a sewing machine. We were really excited as we knew how lucky we were to learn these new skills.

“I felt a little nervous and excited about trying new skills.” Samuel

Ms Karam really helped us to create our t-shirts and let us cut and stick lots of excited things onto our t-shirt to make them look beautiful.

“I was really happy with my t-shirt because both sides of my t-shirt were different.” Jude

“I felt confident that my t-shirt would look good on stage.” Paul

On Wednesday the 11th October at 2pm we performed our Fashion Show in the gym hall on the stage.

“I felt nervous being on the stage when everyone was watching.” Alasdair

“I wondered what the audience was going to think about my t-shirt.” Adan

“I was a bit nervous about doing my poses but I felt great after.” Neil

“I felt like my mum was really proud of me and I felt almighty.” Kebba

“The fashion show was an awesome experience!” David