P3 visit Greyfriars Bobby

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P3A and P3B visited the statue of Greyfriars Bobby today. We also visited the kirkyard, where his master “Auld Jock” and Bobby himself are buried.

STEM challenge in P3B

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P3B enjoying a STEM challenge today! We have worked in cooperative leaning groups to design and build a house that would survive a flood! We all had different roles to play in our group. We will be testing our house very soon!


All Teach All Learn

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Dear Parents & Carers,

YOU are invited to our upcoming Healthy Snacks, Healthy Living All Teach All Learn on Wednesday 26th September at 2pm.

All parents & carers who attend will be entered into a prize draw.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Look on the Bright Side РBuilding Resilience 

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We are delighted to have launched our next ‘Building Resilience’ unit, Look on the Bright Side. We can all look at the same situation from different perspectives. Sometimes the way we think about things that happen to us can have a bigger impact on our Wellbeing than the event itself. This unit will be exploring how through focusing on the positive things in our life and what we are grateful for can be a helpful way to change our mood. Look out for your family leaflet and home task. 

Health Week in P3a 

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Our week in P3a has been jam-packed with healthy activities and we loved it!

We started off on Tuesday with a Karate session. We had a great time showing off our new skills but Miss White did get a bit frightened when she joined in! 

We also learnt to play some Spanish playground games:”A pares y nones” and “1 2 3 momma es” 

We also got the chance to learn about dental hygiene with some dental nurses. They taught us how much sugar we are supposed to eat each day and how to brush our teeth properly. They also showed us how much sugar is in some popular food and drinks. 

On Wednesday, we got the chance to make some Mexican food with Ms Karam and some of our lovely parent helpers. We made guacamole and salsa to go in our tasty tacos. Lots of us tried new food and enjoyed it! 

Emily, a ranger from Newhailes, came to visit us in the afternoon so we could do some outdoor learning. We went into the outdoor classroom to discuss insects and minibeasts before going off to hunt them ourselves. We found loads of interesting things! 

On Thursday, we had visitors from Edinburgh Leisure come to practise athletics with us.

Then to finish off a wonderful week, we prepared our own fruit this morning and took it outside to have a healthy picnic with Miss Palmer.

A huge thank you to all our helpers and visitors for making this week so much fun!