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P3a were learning about plural nouns on Friday morning. So, we made the most of the lovely weather and went outside to match singular and plural nouns using giant chalk. Everybody worked hard and there was some excellent teamwork on display – well done P3! 😃☀️

Get Active – Building Resilience 

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Looking after the body and mind is important for our health. Taking part in regular excercise, or being active in other ways, brings many benefits to our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing. 

Through this unit, the children will learn that in order to help us feel resilient we need to live a well-balanced and healthy life. When we feel ‘down’, being active is sometimes the last thing on our mind. However when we adapt an active lifestyle, fuel our body with proper nutrition and respect our bodies by allowing time to rest and relax, it can lead to a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.  

Family information will be sent out shortly. 

Murrayfield Stadium Tour

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P3 visited the BT Murrayfield stadium this afternoon. They were given a tour of the press suite, the players’ changing rooms and they even got to run out of the players’ tunnel at the end! We had such an amazing time 😃

Gladstone’s Land 

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Today, P3 got to visit Gladstone’s Land, an Edinburgh tenement building which has been restored to look the way it did in the 17th century.

We started our trip with a quick stop at Edinburgh castle to eat our snack. 

Then we headed to Gladstone’s Land to get dressed up for our tour. We headed around the building in groups where we got to see different rooms of the house and find out what they would have been used for. We even got to find out what some of them would have smelled like, they weren’t very pleasant!

Changeworks Visit

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This afternoon, Angela from Changeworks came to visit P3a. She told us all about what happens to the food we waste and how it damages our environment if it ends up in a landfill site. We found out that the best way to stop this happening is to finish all the food on our plates. We were given some lovely stickers to encourage us to do this with our lunch tomorrow.

However, we can also recycle our food using our food waste bins. Angela told us that when we do this our food can be turned into energy which can be used as electricity. We were able to recreate this process and are waiting to see which experiment produces the most energy. 

Thank you so much to Changeworks and Angela for working with us, we had a wonderful time 😃