P2 Storytelling with Emily Dodd at Craigmillar Library 

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P2 had a fantastic afternoon with Emily Dodd at the library. We were delighted to see so many parents and Carers attend too. Emily Dodd told us about Scottish wildlife. A huge thank you to Craigmillar Library, Craigmillar Literacy Trust, Emily Dodd and of course our parent/Carer partners for supporting this amazing event. We had lots of fun! 


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After a day of enjoying the Clockshop and making some lovely clock towers on Wednesday, Primary 2, Mrs Smith and Miss Grant were HORRIFIED to come in this morning to find our Clockshop destroyed and the top secret designs from Miss Timely GONE! We think it was maybe a hungry fox that got in through the window…a boot was found with fox teeth marks in the bottom in the playground….we are still investigating!

Today we worked hard to come up with some new designs for the door to the Clockshop and in the next few weeks, we are going to work together to create some brand new clock designs for Miss Timely.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates…


P2 are Zero Waste Heroes!

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P2 had a special visit from Changeworks this week. On Monday, we learned all about which rubbish we can recycle and why it is important for looking after our animals and our planet. We also made medallions by reusing old CDs and confetti – two things that cannot be recycled.


On Tuesday, we started to clear up our playground by doing a litter pick.


Thanks Changeworks, for making us Zero Waste Heroes!

Recycling and Litter pick!

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This week Primary 2 learned about recycling. We sorted out different materials and decided if it could be recycled or not. We learned about what happens when we put rubbish in the bin.

We also went on a litter pick around the playground. We made our playground look much cleaner! IMG_0242IMG_0243IMG_0246IMG_0250IMG_0251IMG_0252IMG_0256IMG_0257

Make a Difference – Building Resilience 

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Our current Building Resilience Unit is called ‘Make a Difference’. The main focus of this unit is on the importance of contributing in big and small ways to make a difference to individuals, our community and our world. This deliberate attempt to do a good deed, without expecting anything in return, has a very positive impact on our self-esteem.