Stop, Look, Listen, Think

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Primary 1, 2 and 3 loved the Road Saftey Magic Show today! We learned the four magic Road Saftey words…..STOP……LOOK…..LISTEN……THINK. This will help us all to cross the road safely.IMG_1032IMG_1033IMG_1034IMG_1038IMG_1039IMG_1041IMG_1046IMG_1047IMG_1048IMG_1049IMG_1050IMG_1056IMG_1057IMG_1059IMG_1061

Sports Day: What we managed to do before rain stopped play…

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The rain tried to dampen our spirits, but that didn’t stop us enjoying our ‘practise’ sports day!!

These are our race winners – we did our class races indoors. 

Castleview’s Health Week has started

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We started the week with a whole school warm up. Let’s be really healthy this week!….

P1 Made Playdough!

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It was so fun following the recipe. We put glitter in it too!