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Art in Upper Primary

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P4 have been studying images made from little pieces. Examples are butterfly wings, mosaics, pointillism, lego, Hama beads, jigsaws and pixelated images. 

Here are P4 making pictures with small pieces. They are using their own ideas and ‘lick and stick’ paper shapes. Great concentration and end results. 

Meanwhile, P6 used bright coloured stickers to make their own versions of Islamic tiling art designs after hearing about Eid celebrations on Sept 1.

P4 Drama Fun

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We did some drama workshop activities in the PE hall. 

Art Fun in the Sun!

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We felt like Jackson Pollock!…

P4 Discuss Internet Safety

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Tomorrow is Internet Safety Day. 

We discussed some Internet scenarios and spoke in groups about what we would do. Most of the time, we decided to check things with a trusted adult. 


Article 19: We have the right to be kept safe and away from harm. 

Article 17: We have the right to information and adults should make sure this is not harmful. 

For example, for our protection Miss Karam does not put our names on this website. We have given photo permission. The school has a policy for Internet Safety. We can talk to our teachers if we are worried or upset. 

Look at our good group work:

Props Crew Hard At Work 

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The Lion King props crew have started working hard on learning new art techniques and skills. Our work will be seen by hundreds of people. We kept our focus and tried our best. We are proud of our achievements so far. Painting next time! 

Thank you to Ms Marx for her help too. 

Article 31: The right to relax and play and enjoy a range of cultural and artistic activities.