P3 River Nile modelling

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Primary 3 enjoyed making models of the River Nile this afternoon. We worked well as teams to create a river that would hold water!

Art in Upper Primary

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P4 have been studying images made from little pieces. Examples are butterfly wings, mosaics, pointillism, lego, Hama beads, jigsaws and pixelated images. 

Here are P4 making pictures with small pieces. They are using their own ideas and ‘lick and stick’ paper shapes. Great concentration and end results. 

Meanwhile, P6 used bright coloured stickers to make their own versions of Islamic tiling art designs after hearing about Eid celebrations on Sept 1.

Art Fun in the Sun!

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We felt like Jackson Pollock!…

P1 Made Playdough!

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It was so fun following the recipe. We put glitter in it too!

Golden Time Group Fun…

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Here are just some of the Golden Time choices that were available today ….