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Big Fairtrade Breakfast

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Everyone at Castleview enjoyed a Faritrade Breakfast on Friday as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.  Well done to the Action Group for planning this event.

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Action Group have been busy!

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The Action Group have been discussing their targets for this year and have made a display of these to share them with the school.  They have also been making plans for our planters.  Well done to the dedicated members who stayed behind after school in the pouring rain to finish weeding the planters!  They definitely earned their hot chocolate!

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We have been learning about recycling our food waste.  We now have wormery in our Eco Garden.  The worms love munching on our food waste and they turn it into fantastic compost which we can use in our planters.  Emily from The National Trust For Scotland taught the classes all about worms and how they can help us.  Now the Action Group are working with Emily each week to feed the worms and maintain the wormery.  Keep up the great work!



Zero Waste Heroes

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We have been trying to cut down our food waste.  The Action Group, with the help of Changeworks, have been carrying out food waste audits and encouraging everyone to finish their food.  We have already managed to cut down our food waste by more than half.  Keep up the good work everyone, and remember, “Don’t be a silly sausage, finish your food!”

Allotment Plan

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Castleview allotment family planter layout information. Allotment Layout Plan