ASL Staff roles

Our Additional Support for Learning Team at Castleview comprises

Lindsey Watt~ Head Teacher

Louise Davies ~ Deputy Head Teacher

Clare Langley ~ Principal Teacher

Olga Hunter – EAL Teacher
Stephan Millar – EAL Teacher

The Additional Support for Learning Team work to ensure that assessment, intervention, planning, provision and review are timely, solution focused and effective.

Pupil Support Assistants

Our pupil support assistants support learning and teaching in the classroon, in particular, focusing on pupils with additional support needs. The overview of the work of the Learning Assistants is led by the Support for Learning Team Leader but they are managed on a daily basis by the class teachers and timetabled to support individuals and groups of pupils by the Additional Support for Learning Team.

Christine McDowall

Shirley McNab

Linda Bruce

Fiona Kynoch

Lia Buckley

Support for Learning staff roles within the school include:

– planning to reflect children’s needs

– teaching and learning, taking into account a range of needs and learning

– collaborative working

– keeping track of how children are getting on

– helping children with any difficulties that arise

– keeping parents informed

– supporting transitions

– identifying any barriers to learning

– identifying areas for development and putting improvements into place

– accelerated learning programmes for gifted and talented pupils

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