P7A Term 2 – October to December

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P7A had a busy term 2. We squeezed lots of learning into our World War 2 topic, pushed ourselves to do our best in literacy and numeracy, learnt lots of new Spanish, took part in bikeability training every week and enjoyed learning with Miss Jess too! Below are some photos to show you little snapshots of what we got up to.

As part of our WW2 thematic work, we did a block of learning about all soldiers who fought on behalf of Britain during the war. We learnt that there were a selection of colonies and dominions within the British empire during wartime. Many countries within the empire got involved in the war on behalf of Britain. We learnt that dominions were able to choose whether to get involved or not, and that colonies didn’t have a choice since they were governed by Britain. We then researched soldiers from across the British empire and depicted them in our creative portraits. We hoped our display showed just how diverse soldiers fighting for Britain were – with lots of uniforms, races, religions and languages represented.

We also read some war-related class novels, both of which had protagonists who were Indian soldiers fighting on behalf of Britain.

We also took part in a few STEM lessons after several members of the class asked for more science input in P7. We learnt about vortexes, Newton’s First Law of Motion and binary coding through different experiments.

We delivered two presentations to the class last term. One was in Spanish and was intended to teach the class about a city in a Spanish-speaking country that we had researched. These presentations were delivered in Spanish too! The second presentation was about a World War 2 topic that we had chosen and researched in groups. Both of these projects allowed us to practise effective teamwork, digital literacy and presentation skills.

We all achieved our level 1 bikeability award!

We also made lots of lovely memories together in the run up to the Christmas holidays. We watched the Brunton Theatre pantomime virtually, went on a lovely Christmas jumper walk, made lots of crafts and thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party.

Well done to P7A for their hard work in term 2! It’s almost time for term 3 to begin and we are heading back to some online learning for this, so please do remember to keep in touch with Miss White via Twitter (@MissWhiteCV) and make sure you can get logged into Microsoft Teams at home to access school work. Fingers crossed we’ll all be back together in school soon 🙂

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