Day: November 13, 2017

Netball After School Club

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Castleview Primary School Netball team has been meeting every Monday after school. They have been enjoying learning new skills, playing as part of a team and playing games against children from other schools.

They had great fun last Monday playing in a friendly mini tournament. They worked well as a team and show good sportsmanship.

If you are in P5-7 and would like to join the netball club then please see Miss Whitefield or Miss Carter for a letter. 


P7 Halloween Disco

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Primary 7 had great fun at the halloween disco. They enjoyed playing games and dancing to the spooky music. The children all dunked for apples, pinned the wart on the witches nose, fished for ducks and enjoyed eating the healthy scary food.


Primary 4 Built a Roman Road

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Primary 4 had great fun learning about how the Romans built their roads. After they learnt about the different layers and the materials that were used, it was time to build their own Roman Roads.

The children used various healthy foods to construct their road. They used grapes as the large rocks of the foundations, muesli as the small stones and pebbles used to fill in the gaps. Natural yoghurt and raisins as the concrete with broken stones and tiles then finally sliced apple as the cobble stones on top.

“This is Roman Triffle!” Nikolaos

“It smells delicious!” Jude

“It smells Romanlicious!” Aaron

“It tastes like weetabix mixed with grapes” Maddi

“It tastes like paradise!” Adan

“We learned how to make great food.” Kebba

“We learnt how to have a healthy diet and in a fun way how to build a Roman road.” Nikolaos

“We made the layers of food to see how the Romans built the roads.” Ali



Signed Scotland Rugby Shirt Raffle – Winner!

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As part of our Christmas Fair we ran an online raffle giving participants the chance to WIN a fully signed Scotland Rugby Shirt, donated by Scottish Rugby Union plc. Profits raised from this raffle, an amazing £228.36, go towards the total raised at Castleview Primary School’s Christmas Fair which supports the provision of transport for all our pupils to the Christmas Pantomime.

We are delighted to say the the Rugby Shirt was won by Miss Karin McKenzie who is linked to Castleview Primary School through our work with Craigmillar Castle Tour Guides.  Well Done Karin and a huge thanks to everyone who took part in the raffle.