Active Schools Extra Curricular Clubs Block 1

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The sign up for the Clubs opened last week and was due to close today, however, sign up has been extended…  SIGN UP OPEN ON-LINE UNTIL SUNDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER.

There are still spaces at all of the clubs except from P3-4 Football which is full. All clubs are FREE of charge 🙂

Ex Curric TT Web Sept to Dec

If you have any questions regarding the Clubs please contact Shirley Banks our Active Schools Coordinator on T: 07774468782 or Email:

Quick links to sign up:

P5-7 Netball –

P6&7 Dance –

P3&4 Basketball –

P5-7 Gymnastics –

P4&5 Dance –

Rights Respecting Schools links – Article 15: Your right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs.  Article 29: Your right to be the best you can be.

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