Mini Health Promotion Week at Castleview 29.08.16 to 02.19.16

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Castleview is a Stage 2 Healthy School which aims to offer our pupils with many opportunities – in the classroom, and in every aspect of their school experience – to foster their healthy physical, mental, social and intellectual development.

The aim of this week is to remind everyone about what we do at Castleview to help us to be as healthy as possible.  In classes pupils will be learning about healthy drinks and snacks, how active we need to be, how to keep our minds healthy and other topics which they will then share with people at home too through a newsletter the following week.

All classes will be beginning to do a ‘Daily Dash’ running, jogging or walking for 5-8 minutes everyday to help us to have healthy bodies and healthy minds.

The coaches of each of our Active Schools Clubs will be coming in to meet the pupils and to work with different classes to give them a taster session of clubs currently on offer at Castleview and in the Cluster at Castlebrae High School and Moffat Campus.  P1 pupils will have the opportunity to work with Sara Kemp from The Jack Kane Centre.

RRS Article 6: You have the right to life and to be healthy.




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