Green Pencil Awards

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The Green Pencil Award is an Edinburgh Council poetry writing initiative which is open to all P4 – P7 pupils in Edinburgh. This year’s theme was ‘Food for thought: Scotland’s food and drink’ and they received over 1500 entries from children across the capital. The children with the best twenty entries have been invited to an awards ceremony at the Central Library on George IV Bridge. We are proud to announce that Castleview has had a poem short-listed for this event, written by Kaylynn McLintock (P5), getting to the final is a tremendous achievement!

Very well done to Kaylynn! This is her poem:

Sausage Stew

My mum and dad’s Sausage Stew

In the pot when my grandad comes

Yummy, tasty, steaming hot, in the pot

It’s tastier than an ice cream cone

As hot as fire

It makes me feel loved

As loved as a baby

My mum and dad’s Sausage Stew

I love sausage stew

And it loves me too

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