Primary 5 preparation for Whirlwind Competition!

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After seeing David Walliams on the One Show advertising his World Book Day competition, Miss Burnett shared it with her class as they are huge fans and have been working their way through his collection of stories. Miss Burnett set the class a challenge to write an application for the competition using persuasive language and humour. They had to try and up-level their writing and sell Castleview so that David Walliams would want to come and visit. The children had fantastic ideas and were all engaged and animated with the challenge. They wanted David Walliams to have lunch with them as they believe that the Castleview lunches are fantastic and nothing like the lunches that Joe had to eat in ‘Billionaire Boy’.

The application had to be submitted by the class teacher. So, Miss Burnett submitted a short 50 word application that included the children’s humour and ideas. Miss Burnett described Castleview as a magical school and shared our goal of increasing the life chances of our school family. Miss Burnett described her class and shared that they are epic fans of his books, especially as they have a very calming influence on the class. Finally, Miss Burnett shared that his books were inspiring her class to up-level their writing and to improve their literacy skills.

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